Triumph in the Ashes [Ashes: 26]

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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: E-Reads/E-Reads | Date published: 01/01/1998


Africa--a hell on earth, ignited by the burning rage of Bruno Bottger, a power- hungry lunatic living out Hitler's nightmare vision for the future. But even Bottger isn't prepared for the aftermath of his own sick ambitions. Germ warfare strategy has turned African civilians into killing machines with no conscience and no mercy. With millions already wrecking havoc, it's up to Ben Raines and his Rebels to bravely defend a country under siege. Facing a battalion of mindless maniacs bent on total annihilation is tough enough. Now Ben and his men are outnumbered ten to one by Bottger's heavily-armed troops. But Raines has a weapon nobody counted on: his own vision for the future--and a do-or-die determination to see it come true. Whatever the odds, Ben Raines and the Rebels are ready for the ultimate battle.