Danger In The Ashes [Ashes: 8]

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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: E-Reads/E-Reads | Date published: 01/01/1988


During the years following the nuclear holocaust that decimated the United States, the legend of Ben Raines has flourished throughout the shattered land. Soldier and survivalist, Raines has dedicated his life to rebuilding civilization from the ruins of humanity. But for a once-great nation to rise again, the new laws that are imposed must be just but harsh--they must be Ben Raines laws. The bloody war continues against the hordes of subhuman cannibals infesting the urban wasteland. But Raines and his rebel forces encounter an even greater threat to their dream of a new America. A savage pestilence is sweeping across the South, as a reawakened Ku Klux Klan sows the poisonous seeds of ignorance and prejudice. It is a hideous scourge that must be eradicated at all costs, either through education ... or annihilation. For Ben Raines knows that of all the threats to mankind's survival, blind and brutal hatred is the deadliest...