The Wrong Schwartz

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Categories: Mainstream
Publisher: eChapterOne, LLC/eChapterOne, LLC | Date published: 08/06/2007


The Wrong Schwartz is Joel Block's debut novel. A psychologist whose beginnings were not encouraging, Joel was a stepchild twice and a troublemaker as often as possible. He was told by his teachers, "You write the way you speak and you don't speak well at all." Being oppositional, he was inspired. (Joel Block is the author of 16 nonfiction books) Mark Shapiro is a handsome, enormously successful cardiac surgeon with a loving wife, an adoring son, plenty of money and a nightmare in the making. Mark's plight might have been just another messy marital triangle with routine melodrama: the mutual disconnect, the affair-his and hers-and the recriminations. But volatile passions mixed with blind ambition and they intersected in a manner not unlike the coupling of an explosive and a detonator. As successful as he is, Mark hungers for more notoriety and is drawn into thinking a mysterious and alluring woman he has met will bring it to him. He also hungers for her, and his hunger knows no bounds. Mark learns too late that ambition is like love, impatient with delays and rivals. His marriage and his life might have been salvageable, but that other woman, she holds a power over him that he isn't able to overcome, even at the end. Especially at the end.