Mai's Ties

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory | Date published: 07/25/2007


When Mai meets Brit, an insurance agent and soon-to-be-grandpa twice her age, the last thing she wants is her relatives playing matchmaker. But what's a girl to do when the guy turns out to be fun, sexy, good looking, a fantastic salesman and the most determined vegetarian she's ever seen gardening in the buff? She can't leave Dubuque until her mother's broken leg heals. The solution? Move Mom and herself into a big, rundown Victorian with other two senior citizens, creating a communal household. And since the oldsters are very generous with their post-garage sale items, why not open a flea market upstairs? Brit is Mr. Helpful- until he discovers Mai's flea market is next door to his new, upscale apartment building. Besides, his plans include turning the Victorian property into a private park for his tenants. Still, some folks think Life-with-Hot-tempered-Grandpa could have its charms. But what about Brian, who disappeared on Mai's honeymoon? [Cover art by Dirk A. Wolf and Mary Z. Wolf]