Eternal Kiss
by Susan M. Sailors
Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance

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After moving into her ancestral home, Carolyn Edwards begins to wonder if she made the right decision. Within days, she finds a wolf on her property, meets a strange man named David who disappears into the woods, and starts having erotic dreams about a stranger named Quentin. But everything starts to blur together when she hears Quentin's voice in her house and David turns into a wolf right in front of her. Now both men, who have turned out to be brothers bound to her home by a gypsy curse, are trying to convince her to trust only one of them. But when one man is a werewolf and the other turns out to be a vampire, who can a girl trust? She has to rely on her feelings, which seem to be drawing her to one man, and hope she finds pleasure, not pain, in his arms.