Rara Ibis [A Pendragon and Pendragon Mystery]

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Humor
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 01/01/2007


EPPIE Award Finalist--Best Mystery! Another Pendragon & Pendragon paranormal caper from award-winning author Terry Sheils, the master of quirky humor and puzzling mystery... The newly married Vicki and Gareth Pendragon, Paranormal Private Investigators, find more adventure than they could ever want while on their honeymoon on the coast of Venezuela. They get involved with several people named Lorelan Barkus, a heroin smuggling ring, and a small stone ibis. Danger abounds...and not just because of the drugs! The ibis is the final piece of a necklace that will unlock an old shaman's mind--and some very nasty divine retribution. Amid sightseeing, sex on the beach, and searching for the real Lorelan Barkus, the Pendragons find themselves on a holiday that will test Vicki's psychic abilities and Pen's sexual prowess. [Genres: Mystery / Detective / Humor]