Love Under Suspicion

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Categories: Romance/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Swimming Kangaroo Books | Date published: 06/27/2006


She Thinks He's Married, He Thinks She's a Crook... Freight pilot Abby Tarleton's life has suddenly become very complicated. Her black sheep stepbrother is camped on a couch in her living room, her phone rings constantly with wrong numbers from strangers demanding that she cut or increase their orders of who knows what, and to top it all off, she can't keep her eyes off her ruggedly handsome, and very married, next door neighbor and tenant, Sloane Jameson. Sloane is encountering a few complications of his own. An undercover narcotics agent, he and his partner Connie are on assignment, posing as a married couple. Their job is to find evidence that will link Abby to her ex-husband's drug ring. At first Sloane thinks the assignment will be a cinch, especially when he witnesses what he thinks is a huge pay off between Abby and a known drug dealer. What he doesn't bargain for is his own feelings for Abby. How can he possibly complete his investigation when he has fallen in love with the chief suspect?

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