When I Dream

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Categories: Mainstream/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 04/01/2007


Peggy Winter and Louise Mae Chapman always knew there was something not quite right with their friend Rachel Rose. Although self-assured, beautiful and successful for a woman growing up in the '40s, Rachel was elusive and distant at times. Their suspicions were confirmed and Rachel's sanity questioned when she asked them to return to a mysterious mansion and help her achieve an impossible dream. Three girls are brought together by their lot in Southern society: Peggy, a blooming Southern belle; Rachel, the daughter of rich, loving parents; and Louise Mae, a Black servant's daughter whose dream is to become a writer. A lifetime after their lives diverge following Louise Mae's mysterious disappearance, Rachel's dying wish brings Louise Mae and Peggy together to heal wounds, rekindle friendship, and learn shocking secrets about the three women's lives. As Louise Mae boards the plane, she wonders if this trip can somehow do the things Rachel promised. Could a trip to Knoxville, Tennessee after forty years ever reconcile the relationship between herself and her dead mother? Would this trip be her psychological ruin or would she find the strength to endure the past memories she tried so desperately to forget.

Also Available from Michael R. Yogish