It's All a Matter of Choice

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Categories: Erotica
Publisher: Stonehedge Publishing/Stonehedge Publishing | Date published: 04/16/2007


A novel about two ordinary people who find an extraordinary love. Twenty-six year old Emmet Barrows lived a very sheltered and life until Anita Bowen walked into it and turned his world upside down. As a man who had next to no experience with women but desperately wants to change that, Emmet has to deal with the fact that a pretty young woman is attracted to him. And when it comes to the polite, generous young man, naughty Anita plans on breaking him in the right way. It's All a Matter of Choice is a sweet, funny straight-forward romance that turns quite explicit, steamy and erotic. We can feel Emmet's growing apprehension, and also his growing love for Anita, who has a secret that could eventually come between them and end their new relationship. Emmet isn't about to let that happen. There are dark moments and disturbing portrayals of life as well, brought on by the appearance of John Bowen, the deadbeat dad who is at the bottom of Anita's difficulties. He's a hard man who doesn't easily take no for an answer. Can Emmet handle him? With its laugh-out-loud humor, blushingly awkward moments and believable characters that round the story out, "It's All a Matter of Choice" is the kind of novel that leaves you panting for more, yet with a belief that yes, love conquers all. Read it. You'll be glad you did.

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