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Categories: Suspense/Thriller/Romance
Publisher: The Fiction Works | Date published: 04/27/2007


Things really get hot for wealthy business woman and artist Jessica Simon when she decides to overcome her dread of men caused by a childhood trauma. The strong masculine types frighten her; their hands terrify her, reminding her of being completely helpless. A way to confront her male-anxiety problem arises when Jessica's father Edward reads some character defaming press articles about Jess and decides to become a better father by stepping into Jess's life with the aid of Grady Bowman. But Jessica has enemies that she has no idea exist. She rejected a suitor, and is his fixation--he deserves her and now he must punish her. Besides two of his friends, he has the help of a woman who believes she is Jess's sister and wants Jess's place in the family: the bad press will drive Jess and her father Edward apart. And he will get his hands on Jess's lovely body. She will be his, or else. What happens when unwilling accomplice Grady Bowman, Widower/Rancher/veterinarian, finds himself agreeing to help Edward with his daughter? Plenty of antagonism that he can not deal with gracefully. He sees Jess as a replica of his late wife Lynn, and he is particular about who is around his young son John. But Jessica's antagonists attack her, forcing him to help Edward, forcing him to live in close quarters with Jessica, and finding it really hard to keep his hands to himself.