Lady Lightkeeper [Misty Cove Series Book 2]

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Categories: Romance/Historical Fiction
Publisher: | Date published: 11/01/2006


Lizbeth is a woman of uncommon strength and determination and that's one of the things that her husband William, loves about her. When an unexpected turn of events cuts Lizbeth's happiness short, that strength is tested in ways she never imagined. Her children are growing up in a time and place where death and loss are a common part of life. While she struggles with her own fears, she must help her children find their way through an uncertain future. Lizbeth keeps an almost obsessive vigil from the lighthouse catwalk. This makes her the ideal choice for the new lightkeeper for the Stormy View lighthouse. She must decide if she's ready to move forward. Misty cove residents are concerned about whether Duncan the assistant lightkeeper, is hiding a dark secret? What long-buried secrets will challenge Lizbeth as she makes the journey through the pages of Lady Lightkeeper? Cover art copyright 2006, cover photograph Magic Images provided the Photograph "By Pale Moonlight" on the cover. Thanks to Paul Taitt and Scott Grant of Magic Images in Wilton, ME.