Gatekeeper's Realm [Legacy Series Book 2]

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Categories: Science Fiction/Romance
Publisher: | Date published: 11/01/2006


This was the day Abigail was waiting for--the arrival of the schooner Abigail with her first guests at the grand opening of her Inn on Adam's Point. It had stood uninhabited for centuries, yet to this day, its beauty and elegance can only be described as ageless and unspoiled. Her husband, Ethan, with his friend, Tony, the town's sheriff, had picked up the guests at the pier at Caleb Cove and were bringing them to the Inn by sea. A strange odyssey befell every guest during their stay at the Inn. Each day brought new challenges, new mysteries and new apprehension. And the nights, well, the nights were especially baffling. What transpired during their sleep not only caught them off guard, but shook the very depths of their souls wondering if they would ever see the light of day again. They had climbed into their beds to rest, only to discover upon awakening their sleep was not what they expected. Nor was it something they wanted to talk about--that is, not all of them.All they knew was their recent strange journeys and experiences, brought them to the conclusion: It is much safer off shore aboard the schooner "Abigail" during a violent storm, than to be on dry land on a sunny day, when "The House" wavers into its unknown and unstable dimensions.