Nobody Told The Wind

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Categories: Horror
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 01/01/2006


The island comes and goes ... but the evil is always present... Jackson and Sabrina, the central characters from the Eppie Award-Winning Butterfly House, reunite to fight a thousand-year-old god who won't die and a group of townspeople who may know more than they're saying about the island that isn't always there. In the depths unfathomable, something terrible moved. The breath of the undead one who had no name, the formless wind beneath the waters that caused no waves, stirred to a semblance of life in silence. Soon ... soon ... soon the sinews would begin to form again, soon, none too soon for he that was and is and will be once again. But for now there was only unseen breath and the stirrings of thought to mark the return of the one they called Tocayo-a, the Namesake, lest by calling him his name they summon him again. Summoned or not, the undead one had vowed he would return. Now the first suspicion of that vow's fulfillment wafted on the currents of the deep. Intangible, inaudible, invisible currents of beginning consciousness ... and memories ... of a time before time...