Improbable Solution

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Categories: Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: Zumaya Publications | Date published: 07/15/2006


Welcome to Whiterock, Oregon, where peculiar happenings are taken for granted. Whiterock is where Sally Carruthers is stuck, nursing a dying father. She used to have a career and a bright future. Now all she has is an old house and a mending and alterations business that barely brings in pocket change. Whiterock is where Gus Loring seeks forgetfulness. To find it, he'd have to do the impossible and forgive himself. Once he was a successful engineer, on the fast track to fame and fortune. Now he delivers laundry to dreary towns, until it's time for him to run again. Whiterock is where people are from, because there's nothing left to hold them there. Every year more of the stores on Main Street close, and every year more of its young people leave, to find their fortunes somewhere else. Yet somehow it endures. So perhaps there's something more to Whiterock than dusty streets, shabby buildings, and discouraged residents, because everything changes when Gus and Sally find each other. The future once again holds hope and promise. Or does it?