A Journey Towards Love

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Categories: Romance/Historical Fiction
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Dragon's Heart Romance | Date published: 07/11/2006


Astur of Benizar purchases a virginal slave, Karan of Kithar. He urges her to sleep with him and serve him during an imminent journey by caravan, in return for his setting her free afterwards. She refuses, unless he swears to slay her at that time to free her of shame. He manages to insert a possible alternative to the death Karan desires into the oath he swears. Shared hardships, mutual concern for people grown dear to them, and the ever-present dangers they face draw the pair close. Having fallen in love Karan chooses to live, despite knowing that her warrior father will consider her defiled. Will Astur's candor and courage defuse Rohan's wrath? Will the caravan-riders avoid being massacred by the savage horde of murderous Hattenai tribesmen bent on seizing their goods?