Beloved Foe [Eternal Souls Book 2]

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Categories: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica
Publisher: eXtasy eBooks | Date published: 06/10/2006


Eternally destined to be lovers, the lusty vampires meet again, this time as mortal enemies in seventeenth century France. When the story opens, Joey has been sold into slavery to a French nobleman whose "patriotism" includes providing sexual release for weary soldiers. When the delicious French Captain, Daniel Dubois (Dino) shows up, he recognizes Joey as the nephew to none other than the King of England. Having seen his own death in a dream, he wants desperately to make one last trip to England. He seizes the opportunity by offering to rescue Joey and take him home. Joey is immediately drawn to the beautiful Captain, yet suspicious of his motives. He has no idea why Dubois would risk his life to rescue him, especially since he appears to have no sexual interest in him. However, a voice inside of him tells him the young Captain is his destiny. On the journey to England, Joey's memory of their past life together is restored . Daniel, on the other hand is completely oblivious. Joey knows he must make Daniel remember. To do that, he will seduce him and win his love. However, this proves to be no easy feat, especially after Joey discovers the real reason Daniel is taking him home.

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