3rd World Products: Book 9

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
Publisher: Abintra Press/Abintra Press | Date published: 06/06/2006


Ed's old girlfriend Selena calls to plead for help with her aunt Jessie, who's moved in with her and is driving her nuts. Ed agrees to at least try to help, but there's only one small problem; like Selena's mother Joanie, Jessie still hates Ed for all the years his involvement with Selena kept her "from finding a man her own age who'd marry her and give her children." Just when Ed seems to be making some headway in that matter, 3rd World receives a video of Dr. James Hannity Felton being executed Hamas-style in Washington state and Linda launches a manhunt for his killer that ranges from Seattle to the mountains of North Carolina in the dead of winter. During the hunt a new AI is 'born' who constructs her persona to closely resemble a gorgeous movie star, but for some reason refuses to name herself. As it becomes apparent to Ed and the lovely Ms. Nameless that everyone is searching for the wrong person in the wrong places, they strike out on their own to look for answers and the real killer.