The Boy in the Mirror

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Categories: Young Adult
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 03/07/2006


It's a hot, summer day in a big city and Tomek Wlodarski passes it by standing outside the entrance to a large city mall. He hopes to draw shoppers' attention to his large sign asking "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BOY?" accompanied by a picture pasted below the sign's large letters. Tomek is a 13-year-old, street-smart boy, orphaned by his immigrant parents, and frequently tossed like an unwanted toy from one foster home to another. Recently, he learns of his twin brother who was abducted at a very young age, never to be seen or heard of again. With no further leads to the unsolved crime, with no relative to help in the search, Tomek takes it upon himself to look for his long-lost brother. Led by a conviction that the missing boy might be still alive, Tomek shows around his own photo to track down his look-alike twin. But, in a dangerous twists of events, the photo stirs up some muddy waters, bringing back echoes of the old crime. "The Boy In The Mirror" is a harrowing story of loneliness and rejection, of misfits and school bullies, of the great power of the Internet and technology, and of the soothing strength of music. It is a tale of friendship and love, and of a universal need for acceptance and belonging.