Wisdom of the Rishis: The Three Upanishads

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Categories: Spiritual/Religion
Publisher: adya eBooks/adya eBooks | Date published: 10/10/2005


The Upanishads represent the high watermark not only of Hindu philosophy but of spiritual literature anywhere in the world. These marvellous discourses and dialogues between self-realised seers, known as Rishis, and one or more disciples, contain powerful and eloquent statements regarding the ultimate reality in its multifarious facets. They have been well described as providing an "ecstatic slide show of reality, a privileged glimpse of the unitive vision in which all thing are one in a world aflame with God". They contain some of the most eloquent passages, such as--"I have seen that Great Being shining like a thousand suns beyond the darkness; it is only by knowing that being that we can achieve immortality"; and again--"Hear O children of immortal bliss, you are born to be united with the Divine; follow the path of the illumined ones and be united with the Supreme Being". The author of this book, Shri Mumtaz Ali, popularly known as 'M', has spoken extensively upon the Upanishads, based on his personal experience. The fact that a person born a Muslim should have such a deep insight into the Hindu tradition proves once again that the spiritual path accepts no boundaries. The three Upanishads upon which 'M' has commented are among the most import--the Ishavasya, which is always given pride of place in any list of Upanishads, the Mandukya which expounds the deeper symbolism of the sacred symbol Aum, and the Keno where we have the marvellous allegory of the Devas who thought they had won a victory, whereas actually it was the victory of the divine Brahman. In this Upanishad we come across Shiva and yaksha, whose identity the Devas are unable to comprehend, and are also introduced to Uma Hymamvati, the many splendoured daughter of the Himalayas, who appears as the mediatrix between the Devas and the Supreme Brahman.

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