Witch of the Dark Star [Cosmic Reckoning Book 3]

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Categories: Science Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 09/09/2005


"Will Inevitably Remind Readers of the Hyperion Series!" Says SF Sagas. In the final installment of this classic, and some say first-ever, science fictional bodice-ripper, it is up to Evela, witch of the Dark Star, and Moxol the Murderer, son of Aleta, heroine of Book I, The Woman from Eternity, to fulfill Aleta's vow and purge the galaxy of "the madness of war" forever! Why are there wars? Why have the followed humankind thousands of years into the future? What seemed to be a war of revenge between the humans of Earth and the humans of Novakka, which has pulled all the other settled worlds into one camp or the other--and indeed all wars since the dawn of human history--is now revealed to be a plot by an alien lifeform from the farthest future. Metal life, created by humans and almost destroyed by them, has reached back through to a time just after its creation to wipe out biological life. But, neither metal life, or the two warring armies have counted on the witch of the Dark Star, or the effect of the magical spell she is about to cast over the galaxy's mightiest warrior, Moxol the Murder, the man who is humanity's last hope! Stunning conclusion of the 1950s pulp magazine saga of romance and intrigue, never before in book form.