Trust to Chance

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: E-Reads | Date published: 01/31/2005


In Against All Odds, beloved storyteller Gwyneth Atlee introduced us to the fates of three men finally leaving the Civil War battlefield behind. Now, in this magnificent new story, one of those men and the woman he cherishes must trust to chance--if they are to save the love they have found among the ruins of war. The war is over, and so are Rebecca Marston's duties as a volunteer nurse for Union soldiers in Mississippi. All the Philadelphia heiress wants is to return to the safety of her home. But the journey proves as dangerous as the battle lines had been when she is abducted by renegade Rebel raiders. Ordered to tend the wounds of a captured Union soldier, Rebecca soon finds herself in need of his protection-and longing for his passion. Having barely survived the agonies of war and Confederate prison, blacksmith Jacob Fuller is in no mood to be anyone's knight in shining armor. And yet, Rebecca sparks chivalry in his soul--and a desire he struggles to deny, for he knows her future lies worlds away from his Indiana home. And though he can offer her nothing but the honesty of his love, he vows to fight for her, no matter what tomorrow may bring!