Shock Treatment: A Novel of Future War

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Categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 07/07/2005


She Was the Ultimate Weapon Against War! Theron Standish, Commander of the agricultural planet Station, has gone mad and attacked the granges that are the only reason why Station exists. With the army on his side, Standish is opposed only by his own, formidable grandmother, Seleva Karmann, and a handful of others. Among them: a scattered bunch of farmers, the mad genius Jeroboah, a soldier named Falville, and Standish's former cohort, General Coville. This ragtag resistance is almost without weapons, and are waging war with anything they can devise using readily available materials. Then Jeroboah, the planet's mad genius, devises the most formidable weapon in history. One that could end war and killing forever. He gives it to Seleva Karmann, who begins an odyssey across the war-torn planet. Jeroboah's invention gathers and concentrates all the mental, emotional and physical suffering of the war's victims and transfers it to Standish. For the planet's only hope is to bring Standish back to sanity via this agonizing Shock Treatment! Ardath Mayhar's books are "recommended for fans who require a strong female protagonist," writes K. C. Heath.