Mrs Jennings' Sentence [Mrs. Smith's Academy #3]

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Categories: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/SIZZLER | Date published: 06/06/2005


Continuing a Saga in the Grand Tradition of Classic Victorian Erotica! Clemency Jopling, a well-known British novelist, writing under a pen name, continues his all-new tour through the psyche and fetishes of Victorian amour. The third volume of his bestselling "Mrs. Smith's Academy" series (which is modeled after an actual institution of the era), finds the headmistress Mrs. Jennings applying the academy's unique brand of discipline to a handful of intractable 18-22-year-old young ladies who have proved too much of a handful for their families. Mrs. Jennings must also cope with a Peeping Tom whose nocturnal lurkings and peerings have made a great disturbance among her young charges. To prevent unpleasant publicity that might harm the academy's reputation, rather than call in the police, Mrs. Jennings hires a private detective to catch the culprit. But, when the private richard finds himself surrounded by so many comely, lonely young women, he does what any other read-blooded Victorian male would have done--and the complications begin? "Wonderful! As good a read as Fanny Hill and Autobiography of a Flea." (Sibley Whyte, former editor The Fetish Times.) Look for Mrs. Smith's Academy Vol. I and II.