Daughter of Doom [Cosmic Reckoning Book 2]

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Categories: Science Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 06/06/2005


An Interstellar Bodice-Ripper! Aleta, a woman who witnesses the horrors of interstellar warfare swears an oath. "I will eradicate the disease of war from the minds of men!" Now it's her daughter's turn to pay the price of fulfilling that oath by mating with a strange, half-metallic man from the future, though her heart belongs to another. Aline, red-haired daughter of blond Aleta, has been raised in her father's castle, on a peaceful world, but soon she will be swept up as a prisoner into an all-out battle between Earth and its colonies. What Aline doesn't know is that she is part of a pattern long prophesied by star witches that includes her mother and herself: "The yellow star is a woman, tall, stately, fair, a queen. Men have died because of her, and because of her the galaxy will be divided. "The red star is a girl, slender, sensitive, auburn of hair, blue of eyes. From another era she will coax life and weapons of unlimited power. She will cast her lot with that of a man accepted as a god, whose power is greater than an armada. She will bring peace, but it is only a lull..." In the second volume of the Cosmic Reckoning trilogy you will meet: Aleta, formerly of Earth, now kidnapped by her native world and brought back to be tried for treason; Rahn Buskner, the Novakkan giant who captured Aleta, and then won her heart; and who has sworn to save or avenge her though he must destroy a galaxy to do it; Moxol. son of Aleta and Rahn, whose unrelenting war on those who hold his mother captive soon earns him the name, Moxol the Murderer; and Aline, daughter of Aleta and Nyuk, neither Earthling nor Novakkan, torn between her desire to aid in saving her mother and the overpowering need to return to the mysterious world of the Eg, where she was conceived, and solve the mystery of the strange powers she and her mother possess. Her fate is the strangest love of all time.