Stalker's Revenge [Earth Cleansing Series Book 2]

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Categories: Horror/Science Fiction
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 04/01/2005


After three long months, Tony, Joe and Ben must continue their journey to the secret lab in Colorado. They meet a man named Zeb, who controls thousands of dogs. Todd pulls out all the stops to try and capture Ben and kill Tony. Not only does Tony and her group has to avoid Todd; now they are being chased by a deranged man who controls an uncounted number of wild dogs. Ninety percent of the US population is dead. As they pass through towns ravaged by the deranged people after them, Stalker, the huge black Canadian timber wolf, saves their lives time after time. Even with Stalker's help it is doubtful they will reach the secret lab. Against such overwhelming odds the group goes on, mile after tortuous mile, fighting for their lives each step of the way in this thrilling horror/science-fiction sequel to The Chosen One.