Uncovering Navarro [My Immortal Knight Series #5]

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Ellora's Cave/Ellora's Cave | Date published: 04/27/2004


Sidney Coffey, Seattle's "News at Nine" girl, uncovers the scoop of a lifetime and her ticket into serious journalism. The only problem is--without proof, no one's going to believe the victims of recent gang killings are in fact undead and vampires! With her gut telling her there's an even bigger story lurking beneath the surface, she decides to beard a reclusive vampire master in his den for an interview. But meeting the master only complicates things. For a woman with a voracious sexual appetite, the tall, dark and gloomy vamp proves an irresistible challenge. When a reporter trespasses on his estate, Navarro is at first amused, then annoyed that the little baggage is close to putting together the pieces of a dangerous plot involving an old enemy and a group of murdered geneticists. To keep her safe, Navarro issues an erotic invitation he won't let her refuse.