Heir of Faxinor [Faxinor Chronicles Book 1]

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Categories: Romance/Fantasy
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory | Date published: 05/01/2005


When Andrixine falls ill and spends the winter recovering in Snowy Mount, a community of holy folk, scholars and healers, she never dreams it will be the first step of an adventure that will change her life. But her illness came from a murder attempt, and the same enemy tries to kill her traveling party on the way home. When she seeks a weapon to rescue her mother, she is chosen by the mystical Spirit Sword to lead in the defense of her country, Reshor, against its ancient enemy. First, she must rescue her mother and uproot treachery from within her own castle and family. The friends she gathers along the way become her closest allies and supporters--and she is surprised when friendship with a young warrior turns into something more.

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