Galan [The Minstrel's Song #5]

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Renaissance E Books | Date published: 04/04/2005


The Triumphant Conclusion of The Minstrel's Song! Darkness has eclipsed the light. It is a time when humans, elves, giants, druids, even god, tremble. Only a small, desperate band of comrades still continue to struggle against a demon's inevitable triumph. But, Arthur the minstrel, and Malwyn the druidess, Rubio the elf, Faranor the giant, and Elezar the druid are defeated at every turn. Their last hope lies in an ancient prophecy that only Galan, Arthur's father, can defeat the demon. And Galan has been dead since Arthur's birth! Discover for yourself why Ayden Delacroix, In the Library Reviews says Jac Eddins' novels are "Fast-paced, attention-grabbing, full of surprises, and filled with intriguing characters."