Forbidden Geometries

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Categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 04/04/2005


In The Tradition of Dune! Nebula nominee Ardath Mayhar's science fiction spellbinder is her most imaginative novel yet! The desert world Sherazade was settled long ago by desert peoples from Earth--Kushites, Apaches, Arabs--and then forgotten. Centuries later it is a world of city-states. One, Sathorn, has long been ruled by a weak family and a corrupt Council. The new ruler, Karenya, who possesses the ability to use the forbidden geometries that can predict the future, is determined to change things and reform the Council. When a glimpse of the future shows her being slain by the Council's assassins, Karenya finds she must flee her own realm. Stealing a horse, she crosses the desert until captured by the Shemesh, mountain raiders, who sell her as a slave. In her determined effort to reach her cousin, who might help her regain her city, she escapes and finds allies, Claw of the Eagle, an Apache, Yeber, a peaceful Kushite, and Usep. Each agrees to help Karenya in her quest for justice. Togther they encounter deadly dangers, mysterious beings, and reach terribly strange ends.