Malwyn [The Minstrel's Song #3]

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 02/02/2005


Fantasy, Romance, Magic and Danger! When Arthur the Minstrel and Malwyn the Druidess are forced to take shelter from a raging storm in a convenient cave, she is attacked by a giant bear under the control of a Demon they encountered once before. The Demon is determined to destroy Malwyn before she grows grown strong enough to destroy him. The romantic Arthur, who is madly in love with Malwyn, rescues her. But if he is hoping for the usual reward, he is disappointed, for she has sworn a vow of chastity. Arthur believes the vow of chastity the druids take is an outmoded idea. It had been said sex drains magical powers and that at such a time the druids are vulnerable to their enemies. However sex has never drained Arthur and he doesn't believe it really could impair Malwyn's magical powers. When he presses his suite too hard, the resulting fight makes them both realize how deep their love for each other really is. Arthur promises to wait for Malwyn. That promise is shattered when the Demon sends a strange woman to claim she is his legal wife. The Demon knows that Druidesses are forbidden to travel in the company of married men, and Arthur will be banished from Malwyn's presence. Meanwhile, Arthur learns of a magical scroll that can protect Malwyn from the Demon's attacks, if he can find it. When Arthur's supposed wife seduces one of the young men who make up Malwyn's company and provokes a duel between him and Arthurl realizes that to prevent blood-shed, prove his innocence and find the magical scroll, he will have to call upon his own limited store pf magic to create the largest illusion of his life. Jac Eddins' novels are "Fast-paced, attention-grabbing, full of surprises, and filled with intriguing characters," writes Ayden Delacroix, In the Library Reviews