Birdsinger's Woman [Birdsinger Series Book 1]

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Categories: Romance/Historical Fiction
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 07/01/2004


When Kit Lancer made the trip from Madison to Peoria for an Indian pow-wow, she never expected to find herself in an ancient Indian village with an ancient people. Transported through time by a bolt of lightning and a crack of thunder, she soon realizes she cannot return to the twenty-first century and the life she once led. Atiko, is surprised to find a strange woman lying on the beach below the bluff where he is standing. He is awed by this Spirit Woman from the future and soon finds himself hopelessly in love with her. When fate rips her from his arms he realizes he will do anything to make her his own, including giving up his freedom. This is the first book in the historical romance / time travel series, and is followed by sequels Snapping Turtle's Honor and Wildcat's Hunger. All three books may be read independently of the other titles, and all three books are currently available.