Lucky In Love

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 08/01/2003


Lucky Santanelli's strength is her independence--but learns after meeting EZ Dalton that it is also her greatest weakness--leaving her alone and lonely. Lucky's father had been a reputed Mafia boss and even after his death, she can't live down his reputation. In an attempt to sever the last tie to her father, she goes to dump the dilapidated amusement park she's inherited from him only to find out it's half-owned by EZ's father--and EZ runs the place. She offers to sell her half to him for a penny, but he wouldn't even pay a penny when he finds out whose daughter she is. Instead, he wants revenge. Revenge in the form of using her successful business skills to revitalize the park. But soon revenge takes second place to ... love. She's always had Lady Luck on her side, but, this time, will she really be lucky in love?