Adam's Stone

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Categories: Spiritual/Religion/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 07/01/2003


"When you've walked in the presence of God, how much can you learn?" Mark asked, tracing the stairway. "How much can you know about the universe when your confidant is the Creator of the universe?" "Maybe this writing can give us a clue," Anthony said as he traced a few letters. "Do we know anyone who speaks 'Adamic'?" Riley spoke out loud as she typed her e-mail message, a method she used to make sure what she was typing sounded right and was in English rather than her make believe language. "I know you have received many of these messages which swear to know what the tablet says, but please give me a chance. I was the one that called with the 'Adam's Prophecy Stone' phrase. I finally had enough of a chance to interpret the rest of the tablet and wanted to pass it on to you." "The only thing standing between a demon and its overthrow of hell is an ancient prophecy and the one woman that can read it."

Also Available from Kevin R. Paglia