Biogenesis [Fallen Angels Book 2]

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Categories: Science Fiction/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 02/11/2005


Set four years after the events in Fallen Angels, Biogenesis picks up the story of Jake Silver and Alex Robison and their crusade to find the truth about the existence of alien intelligence! Someone has survived the destruction of Area 51. Now, they have a new plan to bring the world to its knees: an extraterrestrial virus with the combined destructive power of Ebola, the Hanta Virus, and the common Flu strain has been unleashed on the United States of America. It's up to Private Investigator Jake Silver and Dr. Alex Robinson to find a way to stop the virus, and save the lives of billions. Along the way they will encounter a few familiar faces, as well as a host of new ones. Will they be in time to stop this new biological threat? From the author of Fallen Angels comes a novel filled with intrigue, mystery, and action. This thriller is sure to keep you turning the pages from beginning to end! FACTS: The second book in the Fallen Angels Trilogy takes the mythology introduced in the first book and expands on it. " For the first time we see an actual alien abduction and its results. " The book takes place in Las Vegas and Terence's home town of Elko, Nevada. " A major villain from the first book returns in a new position of power. She has found a virus that has the combined power of the flu, hanta, and Ebola viruses and is ready to sell it to the highest bidder. To show that she isn't blowing smoke, she releases it in the American Southwest.