How to Manage a Man

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Categories: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler | Date published: 01/01/2005


Woman Dominant In This Spicy Tale Of B&D!! What happens when a dynamic, dominant young woman named Molly Richards is hired to produce the Six o' clock News at WJXR in the Twin Cities? M. J. Rennie's hauntingly familiar new erotic novel, How to Manage a Man, supplies the salacious answer. New station owner Christine Whitman, a woman who believes in female supremacy, gives Molly full authority to take the WJXR staff in hand, particularly the men. Erotic hi-jinks with a woman-dominant twist quickly become the order of the day, as one person after another succumbs to Molly's new "management" style. Then the handsome but lightly regarded TV news anchor, Tad Boxer, falls under Molly's dominant spell and soon assumes the role of total lifestyle sex slave. Next the gruff, burly executive producer, Lew Gordon, capitulates to Molly's charms. Oh, but what to do with all her thrilling new power? Molly sets her sights on the beautiful, whispery-voiced station receptionist, GeorgeAnn. Matching lovely, blond GeorgeAnn with just the "right" well--managed man strikes Molly as marvelous fun, and the extraordinary dominatrix proceeds to hatch a grand romantic scheme! How to Manage a Man shows what it really takes for a man to experience sexual fulfillment--no matter how much he protests beforehand.