Clicking Stones

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Categories: Science Fiction/Romance
Publisher: SRS Internet Publishing/Artemis Press | Date published: 01/01/1991


Seven-year-old Erica stumbles into a mystical place where a mysterious old woman gives her a stone. A very special stone. A Clicking Stone. Striking it against any other stone causes both to flare into incredible brilliance. Except, not everyone can see the brilliance. And Erica does not yet know the power of her Stone. Morgan moves in next door. The girls grow up together and one day, the two click stones. Knowledge of Erica's gift spreads, creating a worldwide movement of adherents to the illumination power of Clicking Stones. Still, the question remains: why do some people see the brilliance and gain energy from it, and some do not? There is no discernible pattern or reason. Throughout all these evolutionary events there is the love between Erica and Morgan--a love of extraordinary intensity and eroticism ... one that survives separation and their loving of other women, and that transcends the passing years and, finally, time itself.

Also Available from Nancy Tyler Glenn