Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World

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Categories: Technology/Science
Publisher: Encounter Books/Encounter Books | Date published: 11/29/2004


Unraveling the mystery of stem cells, Wesley J. Smith illuminates what's on the line in the controversy over using them for research. He describes the emerging science of human cloning-the most radical technology in history-and shows how it moves forward inexorably against the moral consensus of the world. But at the core of this highly readable and carefully researched book is a report on the gargantuan "Big Biotech" industry and its supporters in the universities and the science and bioethics establishments. Smith reveals how the lure of huge riches, mixed with the ideology of "scientism," threatens to impose on society a "new eugenics" that would dismantle ethical norms and call into question the uniqueness and importance of all human life. "At stake," he warns, "is whether science will continue to serve society, or instead dominate it."

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