Fiesta San Antonio

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: E-Reads | Date published: 11/15/2004


Colter Langston's daughter Missy needed a mother, and Deirdre wouldn't do. She was too sexy to play housewife. That's why sweet, young Natalie Crane was so perfect. And when they were married, Colter decided he had to be honest with her about his heart: it was cold. Natalie didn't know what to do--could she make him love her? Or would Deirdre lure him back into her arms?

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1.Dangerous Masquerade (Alabama)
2.Northern Magic (Alaska)
3.Sonora Sundown (Arizona)
4.Fire and Ice (California)
5.After the Storm (Colorado)
6.Difficult Decision (Connecticut)
7.The Matchmakers (Delaware)
8.Southern Nights (Florida)
9.Night of the Cotillion (Georgia)
10.Kona Winds (Hawaii)
11.A Lyons Share (Illinois)
12.The Indy Man (Indiana)
13.The Homeplace (Iowa)
14.Bluegrass King (Kentucky)
15.The Bride of the Delta Queen (Louisiana)
16.Bed of Grass (Maryland)
17.That Boston Man (Massachusetts)
18.A Tradition of Pride (Mississippi)
19.Show Me (Missouri)
20.Big Sky Country (Montana)
21.Reilly's Woman (Nevada)
22.Heart of Stone (New Hampshire)
23.One of the Boys (New Jersey)
24.Land of Enchantment (New Mexico)
25.Beware of the Stranger (New York)
26.Lord of the High Lonesome (North Dakota)
27.The Widow and the Wastrel (Ohio)
28.To Tell the Truth (Oregon)
29.Strange Bedfellow (Rhode Island)
30.Low Country Liar (South Carolina)
31.Dakota Dreamin' (South Dakota)
32.Sentimental Journey (Tennessee)
33.Savage Land (Texas)
34.Green Mountain Man (Vermont)
35.Wild and Wonderful (West Virginia)
36.Darling Jenny (Wyoming)
37.Summer Mahogany (Maine)
38.A Land Called Deseret (Utah)
39.Enemy in Camp (Michigan)
40.That Carolina Summer (North Carolina)
41.For Mike's Sake (Washington)
42.Giant of Mesabi (Minnesota)
43.The Thawing of Mara (Pennsylvania)
44.Tidewater Lover (Virginia)
45.With a Little Luck (Wisconsin)
46.Valley of the Vapours (Arkansas)