Monster Lake

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Categories: Horror/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 01/01/2004


Was It Hoax or Demon? The little town of Solitaire, located on the shore of lovely Lake Mendocino, has a problem: The tourists are only there during the summer. From May through August they swarm all over the place: Fishing, swiming, eating, drinking, shopping, and--in short--spending those lovely tourist dollars. After Labor Day the place looks more like a deserted crypt in a forgotten graveyard. Local merchants are feeling the pinch and thinking of leaving for the bright lights and big bucks of the Big City. The City Council, faced with the total collapse of Solitaire's economy, comes up with a plan to bring people to the town in the off-season. What they have in mind is reviving an old Huchnom indian ceremony appeasing the legendary Lake Monster. But first, they need a monster. So they make one out of plastic foam and black plastic trash bags. But the ceremony goes horribly wrong. The real Monster of the Lake appears and suddenly three people are left dead. Some believe they have raised the old Indian demon. Others are certain Solitaire is being stalked by a clever killer. Some pray it was mass hallucination. Will the local business owners sell out? What is the truth burried in the heart of Monster Lake?