Inside Man & Other Science Fictions

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Categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 07/07/2004


Hugo Winning Writer-Editor/Nebula Nominee Story. Fabulous collection of classic humorous and satirical science fiction by legendary writer-editor H. L. Gold. Exclusively in eBook, this don't-miss volume rounds up Gold's uncollected work, including his Nebula Nominee story, "Inside Man." Readers will find fresh, new, delightfully fey wrinkles on ESP (as in "Inside Man" and "The Riches of Embarrassment); the tale of the wife of a pigmy chief whose subtle manipulations of colonial visitors inadvertently saves the world from itself ("The Transmogrification of Wamba's Revenge"); a man unlucky enough to achieve one of humankind's oldest dreams (He that Hath Wings")," two spacelanes con men who manage only fleece themselves ("Grifter's Asteroid") and the extraordinary short novel, "Some to Watch Over Me," a dark and haunting serio-comic inversion that stands traditional notions of hyperspace, monstrous aliens, true love, ambition, revenge, and human values on their heads. "There's nothing machine-made about the short stories and novelets of H. L. Gold. They're individual tales of odd notions, often proving once again that Mr. Gold is almost the only s.f. writer capable of creating lower and lower-middle class backgrounds (a relief, after all of s.f.'s potentates, plutocrats and technological elite)."--The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Gold's SF offers "witty entertainment" from a "sharp and perceptive intelligence."--The Science Fiction Source Book

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