The Ogre's Curse

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Categories: Young Adult/Fantasy
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 07/05/2004


Soon after she discovers a small nugget of gold high in the mountains near the legendary Ogre's Cave, the people of Kaitlin's village mysteriously begin to disappear. Not a trace of their passing is left, and no clue can be found to indicate their fate. As the population of the village dwindles to almost nothing, Kaitlin discovers that she is the cause of the disappearances, and sets out to right her mistake. After enlisting the help of her three friends, and a 'foundling' with mysterious abilities, Kaitlin journeys to Mount Gillhad to confront the Ogre's Curse. Can she stop the Curse in time? Or will her entire village suffer the Ogre's wrath?

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