With Shadow and Thunder [The Shadow Gods Saga #5]

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Categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 06/06/2003


Fifth in the Trailblazing EPPIE Finalist Space Saga! In this EPPIE Award finalist novel, first Scout Terrllss-rr uses his power over Death to thwart the schemes of the Sargon-Palean alliance. The alliance seeks to dominate the two hundred odd star systems of the Serrll Combine--by eliminating selected political figures. Bearing the power of the God of Death, which can unleash universal, Terr is thrust into a confrontation with his bond brother bond brother Dharaklin, a confrontation that will ultimately threaten Terr's very soul. The Orieli are the first aliens to contact the Serrll Combine in over two thousand years, but the Orieli are at war with the Kran, artificial constructs, creatures out of nightmare--bent on destroying all organic intelligence. The Orieli are willing to help the Serrll face the Krans, but the price is a base on the moon of one of the Serrll's protectorates, our Earth. An Orieli/Serrll appearance at the United Nations in New York and causes a world riot. Caught in a web of Serrll power plays, Terr is betrayed by Dharaklin, who sabotages his ship so that Terr crashes on Earth. After being confined at Houston, Terr realizes that no one is coming to rescue him and he escapes. The American security forces are in hot pursuit, keen to wrest the secrets he alien science from him--by any methods necessary! Beyond the Moon's orbit, a Serrll fleet confronts a lone Orieli starship and begins a battle to determine who will control Earth's solar system. Alone, pursued, wounded, little does Terr dream that even if he survives his ordeal and eludes his pursuers, Dharaklin has seized Terr's beloved wife, Teena. To save himself and her, he will once again be forced to raise the hand of Death, this time against a brother. And don't miss the other exciting novels in the Shadow Gods saga: Against the Gods of Shadow, A Whisper from Shadow, and Through the Valley of Shadow.