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Categories: Romance
Publisher: E-Reads | Date published: 06/21/2004


As the threat of war looms between America and England, loyalty and passion begin to rage. Alysson's father tricks Alysson Tyler, the daughter of a prominent member of British Parliament, and Donovan MacBride, an American revolutionary, into marriage. Convinced Alysson willingly offered to spy on his American activities, Donovan's desire for the seemingly innocent woman transforms into hate. Alysson denies any knowledge of her father's plans, but Donovan remains unconvinced and orders that the marriage be annulled upon their arrival in America. As soon as the ship arrives, though, Alysson becomes ensnared in the dangerous and exotic underground of the revolution and Donovan must remain her protector. While the flames of war begin to spark so does the love between the unlikely pair. Can their passion for each other outweigh the loyalty they feel for their countries? Or will war put out the flame of love?