Dreams of Darkness [Everdark Wars Book 1]

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Categories: Dark Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: Zumaya Publications/Zumaya Publications | Date published: 07/15/2002


Randrik alt Harbinnen liked life on the edge. Working for his aunt, however noble her intentions wasn't part of his plan. On the other hand, keeping the authorities from treating the innocent Drevnya Perian like they owned her body and soul was something he could really enjoy--until he found out the hourglass on his world was running down and somebody had picked him and his damsel in distress to save it whether they wanted to or not. Wanted by law and outlaw alike, Randrik has no choice but to find out just who--and what--he is. Bound by his own foolishness to a woman he hardly knows, he has to grow up the hard way, or risk the end of the world.