Dayspring Destiny [Dayspring Series Book 3]

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Categories: Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 04/01/2004


For thousands of years demiurges have ruled over the world of Gaea--first the Sky Gods, then the S'hazons. When the S'hazons predict that a comet will strike Gaea and destroy all life, they offer a way of escape to the adepts of the House of Lohenrin. They will open an interdimensional portal to a new world called Tarshan. But Elinna Serru, a Master of the House, chooses to stay behind to try to save her world--and the man she loves. Now, Gaea's children are split between two worlds, and both worlds may be doomed unless someone can bridge the gap and reunite humanity. As Elinna searches for a way to stop the comet, she begins to have strange dreams about the mysterious Sky Gods who ruled Gaea before the coming of the S'hazons. They want something from her--something that will decide the ultimate fate of both Gaea and Tarshan.