Tangled Hearts

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Categories: Young Adult/Romance
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 12/01/2002


Sixteen-year-old yearbook editor, Carrie Eberson, is both irritated and intrigued by bad boy Dillon Graham. He's sarcastic, rude, and gossip has it he's in trouble with the law. Not exactly someone the school goody-goody needs to get tangled up with. But if he's such a trouble-maker, then why does he secretly do the artwork she needs to save the yearbook? And why, when he's at home with his grandparents, is he a totally different person than the tough guy she sees at school? Who is the real Dillon Graham? And what secrets in his past have driven him to lead this double life? When Carrie resolves to find the truth, she discovers that doing so could put old friendships and, quite possibly, her very life on the line.