Options: Essential Concepts and Trading Strategies

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Categories: Business
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies | Date published: 03/01/2002


The History of Options--Brian Overby: Part I: Essential Concepts. Fundamentals of Options--James B. Bittman. Volatility Explained--James B. Bittman. Options Strategies: Analysis and Selection--Elliot Katz. Part II: Investing and Trading Strategies. Investing and Trading Strategies for the Individual Investor--J. Marc Allaire. Strategies for Institutional Investors--James B. Bittman, Eric Frait, Andrew B. Lowenthal. How the Trading Floor Operates--Marshall V. Kearney. How Market Makers Trade--Marshall V. Kearney, James B. Bittman. Part III: Real-Time Applications. Institutional Case Studies--Gary L. Trennepohl. The Predictive Power of Options--Lawrence G. McMillan. Electronic Resources--Floyd Fulkerson.

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