Communities of Commerce

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Categories: Business/General Nonfiction
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies | Date published: 04/01/2001


Communities of commerce are the primary drivers of online business today, and this groundbreaking book provides the first complete overview of the phenomenon. The authors demonstrate why the best communities--including Salon, Yahoo Finance, and iVillage--are working so well, and how managers and executives can get in on this future economic wave. Based on the authors' study, Communities of Commerce features:--How commerce communities came to be and what influenced their success.--Advice on how business leaders can design, develop, and execute a business strategy.--Case studies of what works and what doesn't. It has always been human nature for us to bond with others sharing common goals and problems and thus create communities. This is proving to be especially true in the realm of online business.

Also Available from Stacey E. Bressler, Charles Grantham