The Tail of the Sea-Witch

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Categories: Young Adult/Fantasy
Publisher: Twilight Times Books | Date published: 09/15/2002


Marina's magical sea witch lives in a houseboat on a lagoon surrounded by a 'jungle of jewels.' But is she really a sea witch? Marina, the imaginative eleven-year-old telling the story, is quite convinced. After all, isn't her very name, Madame Witche, a sure give-away? Both Marina and Madame Witche are lonely until that mid-summer day when they meet on Madame's beach. Together, they find a friendship so unexpected and rich that it takes on a magical aspect--especially to Marina. However, Madame is so unusual, so fey, we are never sure if Marina's suspicions aren't right after all. And there's that remarkably life-like mermaid's tail displayed on a net curtain in the houseboat....

Also Available from Wendy Maree Peterson