The Third Corner [A Dark Watch Novel]

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Categories: Historical Fiction/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 10/01/2002


Shots slam into a back alley of post-Civil War Washington, D.C. Two government agents fall. A traitor lurks in the upper ranks of the Grant Administration and conspirators kill the operatives to protect their mole. Kathryn Devereaux and Jared Bentley of the espionage organization, Dark Watch, carry on in the footsteps of their fallen comrades. They're driven by a hidden agenda. The dead spies were their fathers. Revenge stokes the flames of the official assignment as they seek to uncover the deadly knowledge their fathers possessed, and the rebels who killed them because of it. The Dark Watch pair follows a tangled web of deceit, all the while struggling to protect their secret love for one another. Stakes skyrocket when a third player surfaces. A reviled adversary from the War is hell-bent on destroying their mission--and their relationship. The fight becomes personal and no one is safe from her wrath. As Kathryn and Jared battle to safeguard the Presidency, their family, and their love, an unexpected ally offers them a timeless perspective revealing the truth about their present and lending clarity to their past and future.

Also Available from J. L. Abbott